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How to buy lashes box when starting eyelash business?

As a newbie in the eyelash business, there is some little knowledge you must know. Starting eyelash business lashes box is essential eyelash accessories for buying eyelashes. They are closely related to your business. So, as an eyelash novice, how do you choose an eyelash box? Please study after reading this article.

1. Choose starting eyelash business lashes box by length of eyelashes

Most eyelash boxes are suitable for all styles of eyelashes. You can choose whatever you like. But for eyelashes that are less than 16mm in length, you can choose a mini-style eyelash box. They are more suitable and may be cheaper than regular models, which can reduce your costs appropriately.

A pair of wonderful eyelashes and do not hesitate to starting eyelash business lashes box

2. starting eyelash business lashes box of different materials also have different characteristics, Please choose according to your actual situation

If you are a person who just started the eyelash business, for the choice of the material of the eyelash box, I suggest you order the style that the supplier can provide immediately. This will ensure that your eyelash business will expand faster. Normally, cartons are a good choice because of their low MOQ, short production cycle and relatively fast production speed. Because they can better help you seize fleeting business opportunities. Other common styles, such as acrylic boxes, require a longer production cycle, and may not be as suitable for you as paper boxes. No matter what style you choose, please don’t forget to consider the weight of these eyelash boxes, because for long-distance mailing, shipping costs are not small, and high shipping costs will increase the cost of your eyelash business.

A pair of wonderful eyelashes and do not hesitate to starting eyelash business lashes box

3. Information about the starting eyelash business lashes box pattern you need to determine

Most eyelash businessmen will have their own design for the pattern of the eyelash box, you are very likely to be one of them.

If you are new to eyelash business for the first time, you want to customize an eyelash box with your own pattern. You can first use the paper box to determine the logo and box base map design, and have a professional person to accompany you to communicate and adjust to ensure that the eyelash box you get meets your requirements and expectations. If you are someone who has already started eyelash business and has some experience, you can directly communicate with the salesperson, we can provide free personalized box design.

A pair of wonderful eyelashes and do not hesitate to starting eyelash business lashes box

However, it should be noted that for convenience and better cost control, the minimum order quantity is 500 pieces. You can confirm the box pattern in advance and let our factory make it. We can mail part of the eyelash boxes together with the eyelashes in batches, which can ensure you receive the goods faster, and we will help you keep the rest for free. We can mail them for you when you need them, so you can ensure that the goods you receive are the latest production, and can also help you save space and storage costs.

The above are some of the issues to be concerned about when choosing an eyelash box. I hope this article is helpful to you. Don’t hesitate, start your eyelash box order, we will not let you down. If you have other questions, please leave a comment at the bottom of the article.

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