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How to Create Your Own Strip Lashes

Now many people are very personalized, so met some customize eyelashes, wholesale customers. Thank these customize eyelashes wholesale customers for letting me see the new world. In the previous work, encountered a lot of custom eyelash box customers. All kinds of eyelash boxes appear on my WhatsApp. I found that the original customers’ imagination is very good. The eyelash boxes they designed are very beautiful. Recently, some customers asked me about customizing eyelashes, today to talk about how to customize eyelashes.

eyelash process

You can send us a sample of the eyelashes you want to customize or give us a process diagram of the eyelashes. With one of these two things, you can lay a good foundation for custom eyelashes. And I need to know about the length and curvature of the eyelashes. Proluxurylashes suggest it’s better to have samples, so we can copy them completely. Do not need you to tell us the additional information, this is very convenient.

customize eyelashes wholesale
25mm mink lashes DB314

Eyelash Material

Now the eyelash material on the market is more. There are mink hair, horsehair, chemical fiber, silk, and other materials. Our mink hair is the best, using noble Siberian mink hair. Siberian mink hair is very popular in the market. You need to tell us the material of the eyelashes you want so that it is the same as you want.

eyelash color

Speaking of eyelash color may have some customers have been doing black eyelashes. recently some custom eyelash customers tried new color. Some time ago, a customer customized silk eyelashes, the color is blue and black. The eyelashes made are very beautiful. After shipping it to her, she likes it very much. And in recent communication with her, these custom eyelash sales are outstanding, and she intends to continue ordering to try new color matching. Now people are more personalized, so black can not satisfy some people. You can study what color collocation can make eyelashes stand out in the market.

customize eyelashes wholesale
pink mink lashes

Recently found that custom eyelashes are a very interesting thing. Color matching and material selection will affect the heat of this eyelash. If you are interested in custom eyelashes, contact me quickly. Proluxurylashes must customize the eyelashes you want for you.

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