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How to customize the eyelash box?

At present in the market, more and more people want to customize the eyelash box. This kind of personal thought eyelash box slowly became a brand representative. so more and more people begin to choose custom eyelash box. For some people who want to customize eyelash boxes, you may be confused now. I don’t know how to customize an eyelash box that belongs to my own brand. So, how should the vast number of wholesalers customize eyelash boxes?

Design logo

We can compare logo to our own name and products to ourselves. Logo is another incarnation of your brand. Do you need to design a logo. that belongs to your own brand Logo need to highlight your brand. You can choose to use words or patterns. The size and color of the text should be carefully designed, and the choice of patterns should be cautious. Remember that logo is printed on the eyelash box to promote the brand, so be sure to design.

Choose the eyelash box

Each supplier will have their own eyelash box. If you are satisfied with the eyelash box, you can ask the supplier if you can print your own logo. At present, there are many suppliers in the market who do not support logo. printing If you are not satisfied with the supplier’s eyelash box, you can tell the supplier your idea or design drawing and customize the eyelash box for you. Custom eyelash boxes can be a weapon logo you promote even if they are not printed, because eyelash boxes are unique in the market. printed logo is naturally better.

customize the eyelash box

Proluxurylashes customization is very competitive in the market. Very popular with the public. we have professional design team that can completely copy your idea to make the eyelash box you want. If you want to customize eyelash box or eyelash, welcome to contact me.

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