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How To Order Our Lash Samples?

When a customer just Started To Do Eyelash Business, She would look for a Mink Lash Supplier. At this time, they would choose to Order The Eyelash Samples to check The Quality Of The Eyelashes. So how should the eyelash samples be taken? So I decided to write this post in order to help our customers on how to do it especially to the beginners.

1.We will send you the photos of the new and Hot Selling Lashes.

We are very skilled and our level of creativity is high and we are ready to send you part of our creativity to try our unique and High-Quality Lashes which will give you more confidence and attractive nature.

Click here to see our Hot Selling Mink Lashes

2.Customers tell us which style lashes does they like

The customer is responsible to send the photos of the samples that she/he will like and here is just a friendly reminder do not forget to put or specify model number because this will be easier for our order processing procedures and it reduces unnecessary inconveniences.

3.Lash Packaging Boxes selection

Customers are expected to choose The Type Of Package they want and this will depend on the requirements of their customers. Our packaging boxes are of Different Shapes And Colors such that. And we also Provide Custom Packaging Case.

These are our New Style Lash Packaging Boxes, Click here to see more lash packaging.

4.Payment Procedures

Payment procedures can be done through PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram and other means that customer will suggest. But these methods are best in ensuring security of your money. 

Order The Eyelash Samples

5.Shipping Procedures

After receiving the payments and having all the information necessary we will send the samples through assured transport agents like DHL,FEDEX and others which will be suggested by our customers.We choose our transport agents depending on their delivery time and we believe in good business reputation, which supply products as fast as we can to maintain trust and Create Good Relationship with our customers. So Order The Eyelash Samples is important.

PROLUXURYLASHES Hope To Do Better Lash Business With You!

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