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How To Ship Our Wholesale 3d Mink Lashes?

Recently, The Eyelash Business For Sale is very hot. In the case of A Lot Of Orders, How do we ensure that our customers never receive damaged products? How are we Fast Shipping Lashes? What is the specific transport process?

When the customer confirms the Eyelash Style Shapes and pays, Our warehouse officer Check The Delivery time with factory. when it finnished, The warehouse officer packed the products required by the customer. Our warehouse officer will pack according to the Perfect Packing Problem process.

The following video is our Packing Process:

First use the Lash Extensions Tweezers put the eyelashes into the trays which fit to the boxes. Placement is central symmetry, Which allows customers to directly push to the market without having to adjust the position of 3D Mink Lashes and save time.

Secondly, The matching Mink Eyelashes and Lash Packaging Boxes are packed into bags, So that there is a certain distance between each box, Which reduces the friction between the box and the box during transportation, And then reduces the flaws on the surface of the box, And avoids the wear and tear affecting the sales problem.

Fast Shipping Lashes

Once again, Attach the model of the High Quality Eyelashes to the bag to avoid the style of the eyelashes that cannot be recognized when the customer receives it.

Finally, there is a layer of packaging, A suitable box, Plus anti-fall and anti-stress foam board, To ensure that customers receive products that are intact, we are committed to doing our best for each customer. This is our Fast Shipping Lashes.

ProluxuryLash gives your products the best protection.

Fast Shipping Lashes


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