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How to take photos of eyelashes and boxes

Some eyelash merchants want to promote their products on social platforms after purchasing the eyelash boxes. Then you need to post photos of your products on social platforms. Now people spend an average of 5 hours a day browsing social media, and taking a good photo will bring you huge business opportunities. So how do you take luxury eyelashes’ beautiful photo?


A good light source not only illuminates each carefully placed eyelash, but also improves the camera’s ability to focus and sharpen the photo (when you use something as thin as eyelash extensions, there is no room for blurring).

luxury eyelashes' beautiful photo

The light source can be the sun light source, so that people can see the state of the eyelashes under the sun more truly and naturally. The light source can also be an artificial light source. This kind of light source can create a state without shadows, and can capture the details of each eyelash clearly, allowing consumers to better view the details of the eyelashes.


The background of the shot is also very important. If you are simply shooting eyelashes, try to choose a pure color as the background (try pure white). The white of the background and the black of the eyelashes form a contrast color, which can better set off the color of the eyelashes. Don’t choose too complicated backgrounds. The protagonist should be your eyelashes. If you choose complicated backgrounds in the past, someone’s attention may be shared by the background.

Filming angle

For eyelashes, the shooting angle is also very important. For some eyelashes you need to shoot from three angles. First, you need to take a picture of the entire eyelashes to give others an overall conceptual picture. The second angle is from the side of the eyelashes. The third angle is to shoot the tip of the eyelashes, because professional eyelash buyers can judge the quality of the eyelashes from the tip of the eyelashes.

Matching eyelashes and eyelash box

Eyelash box The matching pictures of the eyelash box can better attract consumers, so that both the eyelash box and the eyelash box can be displayed. But eyelashes of different lengths should be matched with different eyelash boxes. Eyelashes with a size of 25mm can be matched with a large round box, and eyelashes with a size of 20mm can be matched with a normal-sized box.

Post finishing

After the photo is taken, the subsequent organization is also very important. You can adjust the brightness, sharpness and other parameters of the photo to make the photo look more beautiful. The most important step is to add your logo to your photo. It can prevent others from stealing your pictures, and it can also make your pictures more advanced.

This is the basic photo shooting technique. A good luxury eyelashes’ beautiful photo can bring you more views and never bring more customers. If you want to know more photo shooting skills or social media operation skills, please contact me as soon as possible.

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