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Beginner’s guide to wearing false eyelashes

Wear false eyelashes, can make our eyes become bigger and more beautiful, more energetic.For some beginners, don’t know how to wear false eyelashes. How to wear false eyelashes?

Steps to wear eyelashes

First: Take out a false eyelash, place the false eyelash over your eye and work out the right length.

Second: Cut off the excess at both ends of the false eyelashes to keep the length of the false eyelashes.

Third: Squeeze the glue onto your hand, dip it into the end of a pair of tweezers, and scrape it over the eyelash stem. Pay attention to the false eyelashes on both ends of a little more glue, because the ends are easy to tilt.

Fourth: Sit for 30 seconds and let it dry. This will make it stickier. Now it will be slippery everywhere. While you’re waiting, curl your eyelashes first.So that the real false eyelashes can have the same radian.

Fifth: The point of wearing false lashes is to lift your chin and roll your false lashes up. Put your lashes above your lashes first, but don’t stick them on.

Sixth: Then use tweezers to clamp the end of the false eyelashes, then clamp the front end, and stick. Press the false lashes inward with your fingers to make sure the center is glued as well.

Seventh: Then use your fingers to scrape the false lashes up so they’re up and your eyes are bigger and brighter.

how to wear false eyelashes

maintenance of eyelashes

Our lashes can be reused, so take care of them.Let me show you how to maintain your eyelashes.

Step 1: First use small tweezers to gently pull out the residual glue on eyelash stem, be sure not to make eyelashes out of shape.

Step 2: Wipe with a cotton swab with eye and lip makeup remover and remove the mascara.

I hope these are helpful for beginners of eyelash, and if you have any questions, please feel free to consult me.

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