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How to improve custom eyelashes packaging box

A good product without good packaging is like a beautiful woman without beautiful clothes. There is no way to bring out the nobility of the product. Maybe you think your packaging is good enough, but there are always some areas that need to be improved, so how can you improve the product custom eyelashes packaging box? Below I will give you some suggestions, hoping to help you.

A woman was wrapping boxes with tape(custom eyelashes packaging box)

Change the shape of the packaging

Most custom eyelashes packaging box on the eyelash market are square, and there are few other shapes. You can change the shape of your box to a diamond shape or other strange shapes. Imagine that when you walk into a shopping mall to choose a type of eyelashes, there are many square boxes on the shelves, and suddenly you see a diamond-shaped box, you will definitely check that eyelash first. People are very curious. So change the shape of your packaging to attract more consumers.

Change the color of the packaging

Before changing the packaging color, conduct market research first. If most eyelash packages on the market are light-colored, you can change the color of your package to dark. Be different from them. Attract more consumers.

The color of the packaging should be different from the color of the logo. The logo on the packaging of eyelashes is the most important. Consumers must be able to see the logo as soon as they pick up the box, so the color of the packaging should not conflict with the color of the logo. Let the logo appear where it is most easily seen.

Change the material of the packaging

Cardboard and corrugated cardboard are the two most commonly used materials in cosmetic packaging boxes, but the boxes made of these two materials do not have a high-end feel.

 You can choose a harder material and wrap a layer of artificial leather on the surface of this material. This can make your eyelashes look better and feel like high-end makeup products. As a product seller, you must understand the needs of many customers. Many women want to buy eyelashes as gifts for female friends. You must meet their packaging needs. In this regard, high-end packaging boxes are the ideal choice.

A distinctive and high-end packaging can better attract consumers, meet more consumers’ needs, and provide more added value to your products.

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