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What improvement has made to the eyelashes?

ProluxuryLashes is an eyelashes manufacturer and trading company combo with over 15 years of history. We specialize in high-quality 3D mink lashes and 3D silk lashes with a competitive price. We continuously strive to be a premiere eyelash manufacturer, Supplying a commitment of quality, price, and a level of customer service no one else can compete. Why are our products so popular? This article will show you us how to Improve eyelash production process.

The eyelash maker is making eyelashes carefully(Improve eyelash production process)

Waterproof design-Improve eyelash production process

The shape of our products will remain the same even after you swim or soak in water and dry naturally!

Other eyelashes on the market have no waterproof design, which is easy to deform after soak in water!

Eyelash bands are soft and durable-Improve eyelash production process

We use 100% cotton thread, hand-woven by experienced craftsmen, so that you could have a more comfortable eyelash experience. Eyelash bands of the products we produce is soft and durable. When used properly, it can ensure that the lash is not easy to fall off as much as possible! It is naturally bent and easier for consumers to wear!

With other eyelashes and eyelash bands on the market, the eyelash bands becomes hard and easily breaks after being placed for a long time. After being removed from the tray, it cannot be bent naturally and it is difficult to wear!

Eyelash heat treatment-Improve eyelash production process

In order to make the eyelashes more curly, the general supplier of eyelashes is chemical treatment and styling, that is, the so-called styling treatment with perm chemical liquid. Think about it again. Do the eyelashes you buy have a chemical smell? This is the smell of chemical reagents! The eyelashes we use are in close contact with the skin. This kind of eyelashes that have been treated with liquid medicine will stay with the skin for a long time. Contact, the eyes will have a strong sense of discomfort, and even cause terrible damage to the eyes and skin!

However, the curling of our eyelashes is through physical heat treatment without any chemical treatment. Our eyelashes do not have any peculiar smell. We can confidently say that there is only our company in the world that has this technology. This technology is also our core competitiveness. , We even obtained an environmental certificate.

No harm, environmental protection materials-Improve eyelash production process

The material for our mink eyelashes is naturally shed hair of the mink and does not harm any small animal. Each hair is gently taken from the mink, the raw materials are sterilized by high temperature, no smell, no bacteria! You can use it with confidence!

Our products are no harm and environmentally friendly, and caring for small animals is also our responsibility! Bringing the false eyelashes produced by our company is in close contact with nature and small animals!

Improve the eyelash production process. This is why ProluxuryLashes eyelashes are in short supply! Contact us! Win-win cooperation! Help your eyelash business!

“In the ’60s, I’d wear three pairs of eyelashes.”

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