Popular Lashes Packaging box vendor

As one of the popular Lashes Packaging box vendor, the ProluxuryLashes brand not only provides you with a variety of high-quality eyelashes but also provides you with different types of essential eyelash boxes for you to choose from, making your eyelash business more convenient and easy.

Cheap Eyelash Case for Beginner DIY

As a beginner in the eyelash business, you may need some cheap eyelash boxes to control costs. We provide you with a good choice of more common rectangular paper boxes. Cheap does not mean defective products, the outer packaging of the carton is divided into special paper and ordinary paper. The special paper has a special surface texture, is shiny, and looks very advanced. The plain paper has an ordinary surface, but with different ideas added in the production process, it can also stand out. The ProluxuryLashes brand is a popular Lashes Packaging box vendor.

Cheap Eyelash Case for Beginner DIY Display

Unique luxury eyelash container

Ordinary eyelash boxes, such as the most common cheap and affordable rectangular eyelash boxes, are suitable for beginners in the eyelash business. For special eyelash-related users, such as makeup artists, what they need is a unique luxury custom eyelash box that is true The books are similar in size and can meet the various needs of makeup artists. The eyelash display box is a good medium to promote eyelashes. You can customize the exclusive pattern and print on it to better create and promote your own brand. The ProluxuryLashes brand is a popular Lashes Packaging box vendor.

Unique luxury eyelash container Display

Eyelash box set for catalogue

The eyelash display box has the advantages of large capacity and easy searching. They can display multiple pairs of eyelashes at once, are lightweight and easy to carry, and are very suitable for eyelash vendors to show their customers their high-quality eyelash products. Our eyelash storage organizer has a large capacity and durable structure to help you organize your eyelashes neatly. The thick and durable tray is large enough to hold all eyelash extension tools. Let your friends envy your neat cosmetic storage space.


Q: Advantages of ProluxryLashes vendors:

A: You get what you pay for. Now the market is very transparent and uneven. It is not difficult for you to find a vendor. You can compare the products. We have no reason to quote a higher price, but only reasonable The best quality at the price. See customer response.

Q: Why most people choose high-quality eyelashes:

A: With the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for beauty are getting higher and higher. Good products and high-quality products will surely win the market. Our current products are in short supply.

Q: Do you provide customized packaging and accept OEM?

A: Yes. We have extensive experience in custom packaging. We can design our own products to follow the requirements, such as color, size, shape, packaging and logo are acceptable OEM

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