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Why are mink eyelashes so cheap from other businesses?

Recently, some new customers came to me for the price, when I told him the specific price. He will be very surprised and ask, why are your Boutique mink eyelashes’ price so expensive? Mink eyelashes from other businesses are very cheap. Below I will explain a few reasons, you will understand why their mink eyelashes are cheaper.

Different raw materials

The price of a product is determined by the quality of the product itself. The most important reason for the quality is the quality of the raw materials. The main raw material for mink eyelashes is the hair on the mink tail. The raw material for a good pair of mink eyelashes is the hair that comes off naturally on the mink tail, because only the length, color and hardness of the naturally off hair on the tail can meet the production standards. And raising mink is also a huge expense, because if the mink is not given enough living space and sufficient food, the mink’s hair cannot be used. ProluxuryLashes upholds the principle of caring for animals and provides high-quality living conditions for minks to obtain the hair that minks naturally shed.

Boutique mink eyelashes' price

And some merchants use mink eyelashes that are not even mink hair, they have no cost at all, so Boutique mink eyelashes’ price will be very low.

Different marketing concepts

The marketing idea of ​​some eyelash merchants is to sell fast-selling products and drive their own sales growth with low profits. So why do they do this? I once visited another eyelash company in person. They put a lot of eyelashes in the company. I asked them what they were planning to do. They say it is for promotion, and the price is below cost. I asked them the reason. They said that the raw materials of these eyelashes are not good, the workmanship is poor, and no one buys them at all. If they are sold quickly at a price not lower than the cost, the loss will increase.

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This is the reason why some eyelash merchants in the market have low prices. They do not require their products to bring them second-time consumers. They just want to sell their poor quality goods as soon as possible. And businesses that really want to do eyelash business for a long time will never take such measures. Quality always comes first.

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There is no low price and good quality in the world. When you want to buy eyelashes, please keep in mind that the high price may not be an excellent eyelash product, but the low price is definitely not an excellent eyelash product.