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Proluxury Mink Lashes——Quality Always Determines Price!

Why we always say that Eyelash quality determines price?
Because the process of Producing Lashes, we guarantee that each process is of high quality.

What are the requirements for producing High Quality Eyelashes?

First of all, in order to produce high-quality eyelashes, the selected workers must be serious, careful, patient. The basic qualities of these workers are high, and each eyelash is made according to design requirements. Workers have these high qualities to ensure that the lashes are having high quality! And these good workers must also pay correspondingly high rewards.

This is our factory worker.
He is focusing on Making Lashes.

Then, If in order to produce high-quality eyelashes, It has high requirement for designers. They study different eye shapes, Different people’s temperament, Different makeup.
And design eyelashes according to these trends. For these senior designers, we also need to pay higher rewards to them.

There are other designers who have no ideas, And only imitates, But imitation is popular after the fashion or the product has become obsolete. That misses the best business opportunity and the best sales time for the customer.

What are the advantages of high quality 3d Mink Lashes?


High quality Mink Lashes, Guaranteed consistency of large mount lashes and samples.Custom do not need to check lashes every time when they receive lashes.Direct sale,Saving a lot of manpower,Material and financial resources.


High quality lashes guarantee that every pair of lashes is perfect.
Having high market acceptance, Selling fast, Capital turnover rate is also high.
On the contrary, Low-priced lashes have some defective lashes,which seem to be low in price. In fact, it is better to buy high quality lashes, Which more save money.

Wearing feeling

High price and high quality lashes don’t feel eye-catching,.No pressure feeling, Let you bloom yourself all day long.
But wearing low quality lashes, You will feel eye-catching, And lashes have weight, So you will always worry, Can not concentrate on doing things. 

Eyelash quality determines  price

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High price and high quality lashes let your lashes more natural and really, Full of confidence. Full of confidence will take your nice mood. Good mood can brings good luck!
But wearing low quality lashes looks fake, Making your entire look low and affecting quality of life. 

Eyelash quality determines  price

This is our company model.
She wearing lashes let she more beautiful.


High Quality Lashes, It’s price is also high. But it has a long wearing period and can be used 20-25 times. Actually only $0.20 per time.
But poor quality Lashes are only used once and twice, Each time you need to spend one or two dollars. High-quality Mink Lashes are expensive when they are bought, But they actually cheap to use.

In order to obtain orders, The products on the market are reported to the customers at low prices, And the workers with poor quality are used to make the lashes.
The samples look good, But there is no guarantee that the large mounts of lashes and the samples are consistent. Many customers are thus deceived.

ProluxuryLashes adheres to the concept of quality first to produce eyelashes. Each pair of our eyelashes is the artwork of eyelash designers. Art is priceless and precious.This is why Eyelash quality determines price.

If you want to get high-end quality eyelashes, please contact me as soon as possible.