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How to help your clients choose 3D mink strip lashes?-100% mink eyelashes wholesale

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A lot of bloggers gave an answer from different points of view, such as eye shapes, styles, occasions. I’m gonna try all possible ways here to answer, including some tips and tricks. Hope it’s helpful for you to choose your own eyelashes or explain it to your clients.

First, to choose according to eye shapes.

To enhance beauty means the primary look is not good enough for you, so the first concern is to complementing the imperfect points of our own eyes and look fascinating. Eyes are all unique and you may have different traits.

Second, choose for different occasions.

There are many styles of mink eyelashes you can pick according to different occasions you’re gonna to attend, or wear different to show your varieties as wish. All styles with different patterns too as per individual taste. Natural and wispy ones as regular eyelashes to wear everyday.

Last, recommend lashes according to vegan or not, and consumption level.

There are mainly two kinds of material, mink hair lashes and silk lashes. Both materials have the patterns and styles as discussed above. Mink lashes are made of mink hair which are more natural and real, looks more like our own lashes, and more expensive. Silk lashes, or synthetic lashes, faux mink lashes, artificial lashes, vegan lashes, are made of synthetic fiber and looks more artificial, normally cheaper than mink lashes.

How can you start your eyelash business?-3D lashes vendors

Starting from the online social media, the use of Instagram , Pinterest and other social media advertising, not only low cost, but also can attract a large number of customers.If you don’t know anything about social media, you can start by setting up a street stall, consignment sales, and other low-cost ways to accumulate your own resources and contacts step by step, and then try to open a physical store or even make your eyelash business bigger and stronger! Best Natural False Lashes Catalog for Everyday.
You can also use some sales techniques to make your eyelash business even more exciting.
For example, use the point membership system to attract your old customers and attract your new customers. Through the eyelash knowledge sharing meeting, let customers try on the most popular eyelashes, promote the sale of new eyelashes. You can also take advantage of the package activities, with eyelash tongs, eyelash glue, sell more than one pair of eyelashes at a time!

Eyelashes for the office-3D mink eyelash vendors

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Q1:Do you supply free samples?

A1:Yes,sure.We can print your logo and design and use for your orders.

Q2:Do you supply custom packaging accept OEM?

A2: Yes, sure. We can make custom packaging for you. You just need to send the
logo, and we will make the design, confirm, print and use for your lash

Q3:Is there MOQ for the eyelash?

A3:No MOQ for sample order.

Q4: How many times can 3D mink fur strip eyelashes be used?

A4:20-30 times generally specking.

Q5:How do you get the mink fur?

A5: It is collected when minks fall their hair every year

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