HOT!High-quality Lashes Catalogue

High-quality hot-selling eyelashes can bring you different experiences and beauty on different occasions. Please read with me to understand these hot selling High-quality Lashes Catalog.

Natural False Lashes for Everyday

There are many styles of eyelashes, and different styles are suitable for different occasions. Eyelashes suitable for daily wear have a wide audience, which is very suitable for eyelash entrepreneurs to choose when they place an order for the first time.

Natural False Lashes for Everyday Display-DQ

Classic Lashes for Date Night

No matter which style of eyelashes you like the most, the classic style will always be your best choice on date night. Therefore, the classic eyelashes for date night will never lose the love of the market and customers. It is a good choice for entrepreneurs who choose eyelash projects.

Classic Lashes for Date Night Display-3D&DM

Luxury Eyelash for BIG DAYS

Some eyelashes are suitable for daily wear, and some eyelashes are suitable for showing beauty on important days. When a novice eyelash chooses eyelashes, they must match them appropriately according to their customer groups to achieve better market effects.

Luxury Eyelash for BIG DAYS Display-DB&DH

Pro-Luxury Lash for Hollywood

In some important occasions that need to be dressed up, natural style and classic style eyelashes may not meet the demand. At this time, Pro-Luxury Lash for Hollywood becomes your best choice and they are also one of the hot selling High-quality Lashes Catalog. For newcomers who are new to the eyelash business, confirming that the Pro-Luxury Lash for Hollywood has a target customer and placing an order will help your eyelash business flourish.

Pro-Luxury Lash for Hollywood Display-DX

DX series eyelashes belong to hot selling High-quality Lashes Catalog

Cruelty-free Vegan Eyelashes

In recent years, more and more animal protectionists advocate the use of cruelty-free products, and the same goes for eyelashes. Cruelty-free eyelashes are a good choice for entrepreneurs because they have a very large potential market. Cruelty-free, high-quality, high-end eyelashes will surely be welcomed by eyelash lovers, especially animal protectionist eyelash lovers.

Cruelty-free Vegan Eyelashes Dispaly-DW

DW series eyelashes belong to hot selling High-quality Lashes Catalog


Q: Can I have a sample order for eyelashes?

A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check our eyelashes quality.

Q: Do you have a minimum order quantity for eyelashes?

A: There is no minimum order quantity, and a pair of sample inspection can be provided.

Q: Can these eyelashes be reused?

A: Of course, our lashes are of good quality and can be worn 25-30 times.

Q: Advantages of mink eyelashes?

A: Compared with synthetic eyelashes, the advantages of this material are obvious. Mink hair looks more natural and real on the eyes, it shines and feels light like your own eyelashes. The luster of silk/fiber eyelashes is more like plastic and artificial.

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