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Blockbuster!Newest synthetic vegan eyelashes!

Eyes with Newest synthetic vegan eyelashes appear very beautiful.

Silk eyelashes have matured and been loved by many people. But our goal will not stop here. Designers have meticulously designed and developed a premium version of silk eyelashes-magic wand eyelashes and they are Newest synthetic vegan eyelashes. Below I will introduce you to the magic wand eyelashes so that you have a clearer understanding of them.

1. The material of the Newest synthetic vegan eyelashes is more advanced

Similar to eyelashes made of artificial hair, the raw material of wand eyelashes is also fiber, but they use bamboo protein fiber. Experienced eyelash workers manually knit the fiber containing bamboo protein into eyelashes according to the designed shape, and make these eyelashes as natural as possible. Then use a machine to sharpen the tips of these eyelashes to give them hair peaks. Due to material issues, the eyelashes made of bamboo protein fiber are lighter than chemical fiber eyelashes, which reduces the pressure on the wearer’s eyes and makes the product experience more comfortable

A pair of Newest synthetic vegan eyelashes

2. Better wearing effect and more advanced experience

The magic wand eyelashes continue the advantages of silk eyelashes that are not easily deformed, not easily damaged, and are suitable for repeated use. In addition to this, the wearing effect of wand eyelashes is also better. The eyelashes made of chemical fiber as the raw material exude a shiny luster, which is different from the eyelashes made of animal hair. Eyelashes made of animal hair, such as mink eyelashes, have a very natural luster, which is more similar to human eyelashes. The eyelashes made of bamboo protein fiber can make their luster more natural. Compared with the eyelashes made of chemical fiber, it is closer to human hair, and the wearing effect is more natural and three-dimensional.

A pair of Newest synthetic vegan eyelashes

They are also cruelty-free products. The magic wand eyelashes not only contain the original advantages of silk eyelashes, but also have been improved to a greater extent. It is a more advanced version of silk eyelashes. Wand eyelashes have been loved by consumers as soon as they were launched. They have great potential to become star products in the future and create different values.

The above is my introduction to the wand eyelashes. I hope it is helpful for you. If you have any other questions, please leave a message on my homepage to contact me.

"The scene where I took my eyelashes off we did in two takes."

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