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Why should open a lashes business during COVID-19?

During the COVID-19, we stayed indoors, and going out became a burden or even dangerous behavior. If you want to earn a little money or even support your family, then open a lashes business will be your best choice. Why would an eyelash business be your best bet during the Novel Coronavirus? This article will answer that question for you.

A beautiful woman was wearing a mask(open a lashes business)

Because the “lipstick effect”

What is the lipstick effect?

ProluxuryLashes has said that the false eyelashes business is not affected by taxes, economics, or policies between countries, and belongs to the lipstick effect.

The lipstick economy is the “lipstick effect” derived from overseas descriptions of certain consumption phenomena. Whenever the economy is sluggish, people’s consumption will shift to buying cheap goods, and lipstick is not a necessity of life, but it has the function of both cheap and whitewashing, and can bring psychological comfort to consumers. So does eyelashes. Eyelashes are the same as lipstick. Although they are not a necessity, they are cheap and good-looking, following the trend of lipstick effect.

Thus it can be seen that the psychology and behavior of consumers have changed greatly in the economic crisis caused by the epidemic, and the eyelash industry will get great development

Because the advantages of eyelash business

As the rapid development of eyelash industry, eyelash industry has a large market demand, less investment, high profit characteristics, so all want to make money can be engaged in the eyelash industry.

 The barriers to entry in the eyelash industry are low, and no matter how you schedule your time and place, as long as you want to do it well and have a reliable supplier of quality eyelash products and services like ProluxuryLashes, you can make money. When it is inconvenient for everyone to go out, you can contact customers by Posting eyelash advertisements on social media at home, and you don’t need to contact with customers coming and going. You can just send the express directly, which is safe, convenient and profitable.

The development of e-commerce social media is based on a large number of people gathered in front of mobile phones, TV and other media, and this epidemic is tantamount to accelerating the development of social media. False eyelashes are small products, which are very suitable for social media communication, so this It is a good opportunity. “Crisis crisis, there is opportunity in crisis”. I believe you will surely seize the opportunity to realize the rapid development of business.

If you want to know more about how to open a lashes business , you can contact me.

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