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High quality mink eyelashes have low price!!!

Just yesterday, a new customer of mine ordered some eyelash boxes from me. He felt very satisfied when he received the box. Want to order some eyelashes from me again. But when I said the price of eyelashes, he was very surprised. Soon I said: “My friend, the price of eyelashes is already more expensive than eyelash boxes, are you kidding me.” I said no. Our High quality mink eyelashes is this price.

When many new customers come to me to order eyelashes, they are very surprised by the price of eyelashes. How can they think eyelashes can be so expensive? How could it be more expensive than an eyelash box? Many customers have been ordering those low-quality eyelashes. There are many suppliers of cheap eyelashes in the market. This leads to customers’ instinctive belief that eyelashes should be cheaper than eyelash boxes. Actually not.

High quality mink eyelashes

The added value of eyelashes

The cheap eyelashes on the market just talk about quality, which is equivalent to a one-time product. After customers overlap once or twice, the eyelashes are scrapped. The number of uses. So, are our High quality mink eyelashes really expensive? And we will launch a new style of eyelashes every month, those cheap eyelash suppliers have no style at all, they just copy the outdated eyelash styles. Is this kind of poor quality, poor style and low price eyelashes really cheap? Or can you achieve the replacement effect you want later?

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ProluxuryLashes is a manufacturer of eyelashes. Eyelash boxes, eyelash tweezers, eyelash glue, etc. are all launched to promote eyelashes. So it is normal that the price of eyelashes is higher than the price of the box.

Only if you have practiced your ability to know the quality of an eyelash product. There is no minimum order quantity for our eyelashes. You can order any quantity to check the quality of our eyelashes. You can also order a pair. Customers of ProluxuryLashes brand eyelashes will not buy those cheap eyelashes anymore.

If you want to order, please contact me as soon as possible.

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