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Design story behind private label lashes-Asteria

3D mink Eyelashes with the wish of the goddess of meteor

Today is the day when the last new product of the Legend series of private label lashes will be released in a short period of time. All the designers will go to the conference room to have a meeting, ready to discuss the next design theme after reading the samples of the new product. Mr. Oscar first started speaking and introduced this new private label lashes to everyone.

“The name of this new product is Asteria, she is the goddess of a meteor in Greek mythology. Asteria’s name means “star”, she fell to the sea like a star and turned into Delos. So she is regarded as the goddess of meteors. As the goddess of Delos, she is related to the local goddess who issues oracles. She issued oracles to the locals in their sleep, interpreting the situations they would encounter when sailing, going out to sea, and fishing, and provided them with protection. So she is loved by everyone. Asteria is also a very beautiful goddess, she is deeply loved by Zeus and is constantly chased by the eagle turned into by the god.

No matter which design, we all hope that the wearer can go further on the beautiful road. Behind the design of this eyelash is our blessing to all wearers. We hope that they are like shooting stars in the night sky with people’s hope. Be beautiful and become the envy of others. When designing these private label lashes, we designed many small-angle crosses, with cross-shaped patterns. So that they can naturally blend with your own eyelashes. Make your eyes look smart and natural, the whole person’s temperament is improved, and become elegant and confident. “

After Mr. Oscar’s speech was over, the applause in the conference room was enduring. The new products of the Legend series have come to an end, and the design story behind the products has temporarily ended. Although everyone is very dissatisfied, we firmly believe that the products we design in the future will definitely get better and better, let us wait and see.

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