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Design story behind private label mink lashes-Rosemary

Beautiful souvenir from private label mink lashes

Today is a day dedicated to designing eyelashes. Mr. Oscar and his partners had a meeting in the conference room to correct and plan the next new private label mink lashes product of the Flora series. I assisted in writing meeting minutes.

Everyone’s discussion mood has been high, and finally decided on the design inspiration for this latest private label mink lashes.

“Rosemary is a common plant. It has been a prized seasoning and natural medicine for millennia. According to legend, the smell of rosemary was bestowed by Jesus. When Jesus fled with the Virgin Mary from Judea to Egypt, he put his clothes on rosemary, so he had a fragrant and noble breath and possessed God The power of is planted around the church. And the color of their flowers changed from white to blue. The flower language of rosemary represents the retention of memories. Whether in the world of love or in the boat of friendship, it hopes you can keep the good past as a kind of memory. Every time you think about it, you feel very sweet. I hope you can keep the memories every moment and keep important people in time. We designed this eyelash called rosemary in the hope that it will bring beauty and good memories to customers, They can make your eyes look cuter and more charming. “The representative of Mr. Oscar’s design team explained the final result after the discussion.

The design concept of the new eyelashes has taken shape. I am very looking forward to the finished products made by our eyelash workers. I also hope that this eyelash called rosemary will be loved by everyone. Please look forward to it with me.

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