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Hollywood has the most shining and glorious moments. Women regard beauty as a battle, so eyelashes are your sword. Pro-Luxury Lash Catalog for Hollywood is a secret weapon suitable for battle in Hollywood, and it can also bring you unique and special beauty in daily life. Do you want to have this special beauty? Please keep reading.

Eyelashes suitable for carnival

Pro-Luxury Lash Catalog for Hollywood vendor created 28mm luxury mink eyelashes

In order to highlight your charm and beauty, as one of the best quality eyelash vendors, professional designers of the Pro-Luxury Lash Catalog for Hollywood brand have carefully designed 28mm luxury mink eyelashes after the market research and research. The weight and curl of these eyelashes have been carefully designed, and the eyelash workers have also undergone professional and unified training to ensure the perfect proportion of eyelashes so that every customer gets a good product.

Eyelashes suitable for red carpet catwalks

why are Pro-Luxury Lash Catalog for Hollywood are better?

When making 28mm luxury eyelashes, the designer of our Pro brand uses mink hair. Why not use chemical fiber as a raw material? This has profound implications. The mink we choose is not cruel, and the eyelash workers choose the tail hair with peaks that naturally fall off the Siberian mink. Mink hair is very similar to human natural hair and has a natural luster. The mink eyelashes woven by professional workers have natural curls and the matching effect is not stiff. It is a perfect eyelash product. Therefore, it is better to choose mink hair.

Eyelashes for celebration

Exquisite eyelash box designed by Proluxury Lash band


Q: How do I get mink hair material?

A: It is taken from naturally falling hair and is sterilized at high temperature without killing.

Q: Can I wash my eyelashes?

A: Yes, our eyelashes are waterproof, and they look the same after drying.

Q: Can eyelashes be trimmed?

A: If the belt is very long for your eyes, you can trim and adjust the belt yourself.

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