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Proluxurylashes—Hot Selling 25mm Long Eyelashes

Autumn has arrived, And September is coming soon. With the arrival of the Eyelash Season, Proluxurylashes’ eyelash orders are growing, Which means that our customers’ Eyelash Business is getting better and better. Our customers’ eyelashes are selling well and we are very happy. Today, Proluxurylashes wants to introduce two Hot Selling 25mm Long Eyelashes.

The first Hot Selling 25mm Long Eyelashes –DH001, Below is a photo of this Mink Lash 3D:

This eyelash, Each eyelash has a distinct root, 25mm Long Eyelashes, Will bring you a pair of attractive big eyes. If you want to try Long 25mm Eyelashes, you can try this Beautiful Mink Eyelash.

The second 25mm 3D Mink Lashes, My Favorite Mink 3D eyelash in the 25mm eyelashes – DH002, Below is a photo of this eyelash:

This eyelash is made up of short hair and long hair, Which is more curved and more sexy. People who regularly follow my website and INS will know that I often Recommend This Eyelash, Not only because it is my favorite eyelash, But also an eyelash that every customer will choose. If you have not bought this eyelash, Be sure to try it and you will fall in love with this eyelash.

Want to know more about these two eyelashes? The video below shows these two eyelashes in more detail:

The peak season of eyelashes has come, and people who want to do eyelash business should not miss this opportunity!


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