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Protection tips for your false eyelashes in Summer

In summer, it’s time for people to swim, put on sunscreen, and eat barbecue. People will also worry about the false eyelashes they wear while performing these entertainment activities. What can I do to protect my false eyelashes while having fun? The following article will tell you how to better protect your false eyelashes in summer. I will give you protection tips for false eyelashes.

Protection tips for false eyelashes

Spray protective coating

The easiest way is to spray protective paint on your eyelashes. Apply protective paint to your eyelashes before you go out (must be dry, clean eyelashes). Protective coatings can form a protective barrier for your eyelashes, which can effectively prevent the abrasion of the adhesive and keep your eyelashes longer.

But the more protective coatings are not applied, the better, three times a week is completely enough, don’t apply too much at once. For it, less is more.

Reduce the damage of sunscreen to eyelashes

In summer, people spray a lot of sunscreens to protect their skin. But most sunscreen ingredients contain oil and other ingredients that are corrosive to eyelashes. So try to avoid the eye area as much as possible when applying, or use a towel to block the eyelashes while spraying. Or choose a sunscreen that does not contain oil and other corrosive ingredients.

Rinse and dry your eyelashes frequently

Whether you are swimming in a pool, lake, or seawater. Among them, chlorine and salt will stay on the surface of the eyelashes and continue to erode your eyelashes, which will greatly shorten the life of the eyelashes.

 When you exercise and sweat a lot, the natural oils and salts in the sweat will also erode your eyelashes. The most effective way is to rinse. After you perform these exercises, wash your eyelashes in freshwater and gently pat dry the moisture (remember not to rub the moisture in the eyelashes). Keep the eyelashes in a clean state, which can greatly extend the life of the eyelashes.

Avoid high-temperature environment

Although summer is a good season for barbecue, it should prevent eyelashes from staying at high temperature for a long time. The long-term high temperature will change the curvature of the eyelashes and make the eyelashes less beautiful. Extreme high temperatures can even burn your eyelashes.

If you plan to swim regularly or have to be in a high-temperature environment, please contact us. I will give you protection tips for false eyelashes

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