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Quality of DIY Eyelash case samples

Recently encountered a lot of customers who want to DIY Eyelash case samples, but there are always some differences. Many customers want to customize the eyelash box sample the main purpose is to check the quality of the eyelash box. I can understand this idea, but I don’t recommend customizing samples of eyelash boxes. Many customers may be more confused, do not customize eyelash box samples how to see the quality? Proluxurylashes give you some little advice.


Proluxurylashes have many styles of eyelash boxes. So the first suggestion is to buy our eyelash box. The style of our eyelash box can let you choose at will, maybe you want this eyelash box to help you promote the brand. Easy, we can print your logo on it. This is also your brand’s unique eyelash box. And the delivery time will be fast because we have inventory, printing logo will not take a lot of time.

The second suggestion is to buy our existing box to observe the quality. About the eyelash box pattern, we can complete it according to your request to carry on the custom. Many customers are more concerned about the quality of eyelash boxes. so you can totally buy our existing eyelash box to check the quality. If you want an eyelash box made of star flash paper, you can choose our existing eyelash box made of star flash paper. This can save a lot of time, delivery time is within 7 days. You can check the quality after receiving the eyelash box. If you feel that clearance can be ordered in large quantities, this will save a lot of time. will not delay your sales.

DIY Eyelash case

If you choose a digital sample or boot sample, the delivery period is within 10 days. The extra days are a waste to you. For businessmen, time is money. I believe you certainly do not want to waste a lot of time to delay their own money. this is just the suggestion given by Proluxurylashes, hope the customer can consider it.

If you plan to DIY Eyelash case or custom eyelash, please contact me. Proluxurylashes always provide you with the most sincere service.

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