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Design story behind real 3D mink eyelashes-Hestia

Real 3D Mink Eyelashes Bring You Natural, Gentle and Comfortable Beauty

Today is a very lucky and memorable day because I have become Mr. Oscar’s assistant and have to report to Mr. Oscar. When I knocked on the door of his office, he was watching this new private label mink eyelashes carefully. He saw me and said, ” Good morning, Vickie, this is the latest product of the legendary series. Please take a look at this new real 3d mink eyelashes and tell me how you feel. “

I picked up the product and began to take a closer look, saying that” the eyelashes are medium in length and have different cross shapes. It has a shorter inner angle and a longer outer angle. What is the name of this eyelash? ” Mr. Oscar replied, “Do you want to guess? ” I said, “okay. “

These real 3d mink eyelashes are also a product of the legendary series, so its name should also be the goddess in Greek mythology. “Is it Athena or Artemis? “I asked. His answer was no and gave me some hints. ” She is described as a kind, tolerant and cautious goddess, with a passive, non-confrontational nature. Of all the goddesses, she is considered to be the mildest and gentlest.

Although Apollo and Poseidon proposed to her, she asked Zeus to remain virgin forever,” he said. At this time I determined the answer. “She was Hestia, the goddess of stove and flames. ” This time, Mr. Oscar confirmed my answer. He said that the idea behind this eyelash design is the same as the belief of the goddess. He hopes that the person who owns it looks natural and gentle, showing the beauty of being comfortable. And they Perfect for those with Almond-shaped eyes and small eyes……

Ending the conversation with Mr. Oscar, I can’t help thinking that the story behind the eyelashes of the legendary series is really very interesting, and I am particularly looking forward to the next new eyelashes and the story behind them, how about you?

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