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Design story behind 100 real 3d mink lashes-Thalia

Eyes with 100 real 3d mink lashes are like blooming flowers

“Today is another day to share new designs. The new 100 real 3d mink lashes of the Legend series have met with you again, I hope you like them. ” After Mr. Oscar said these words, there was warm applause in the conference room. The Legend series is one of the best eyelash series in everyone’s mind. Every new product release will make everyone excited.

“The name of the eyelashes introduced today is Thalia. ” After hearing the name, some people in the conference room showed questioning expressions. Mr. Oscar smiled and explained. “If I mention Thalia, you may feel unfamiliar, but if I say The Graces, you will know. Thalia is one of the three goddesses in The Grace in Greek mythology, her name is derived from ancient Greek, meaning joy and abundance. She is also a symbol of blossom and prosperity. Like her sisters, she is also a follower of Venus, the goddess of love.

She often accompanies her to sing and dance at gatherings and banquets of the gods, bringing everyone a lot of laughter. The Grace were goddesses that represented beauty, charm, and human creativity. The original intention of this eyelash is the same. We hope that people who wear these eyelashes can reflect the prosperous and positive beauty and hope that they can feel happy and comfortable because of their beauty. This eyelash has a cross shape with many different sizes, with shorter inner corners and longer outer corners. Can make you look lively, confident, and energized. “

Each eyelash in the Legend series is carefully designed by Mr. Oscar, and they have different meanings and stories behind them. Because of this, they can be loved by more and more people. The products are limited but the beauty never stops. Let us go on the road of pursuing beauty with the legendary eyelashes.

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