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Eyelash Cases Wholesale —-rectangular drawer boxes

Today, Proluxurylashes recommend the eyelash cases for you. It is the rectangular drawer eyelash cases. The box can see the eyelashes very clearly. At present, the rectangular drawer lashes boxes we have is transparent. You can choose the material you want about the lower part.Have you ever thought about eyelash cases wholesale?

Have you ever done a survey to see if customers like this eyelash box? All I can give you is that the eyelash box of this style is very popular at present. Many customers do not like rectangular flip box, do not like heaven and earth cover box, but this rectangular pull box has a special love. Why? This box can be very clear to see the eyelashes inside, for wholesalers such boxes can be very good promotion. Some customers will also notice this eyelash box while looking at the eyelashes. While selling eyelashes, you can also sell the box, can better improve their profits. This kind of eyelash box is also more convenient to use, pull the eyelashes out, push in again.

eyelash cases wholesale
eyelash cases wholesale

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