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Saudi Arabian National Culture And Eyelashes

Every country and nation has its own culture, So the choice of 3D Mink Lashes will be different. A few days ago I met a Saudi Arabian customer who chose 13-16mm Natural Eyelashes when choosing eyelashes, But she was also interested in 25mm Mink Lashes Vendor.National Culture And Eyelashes connection is very close.

When I added this customer’s Whatsapp, I couldn’t help but praise her because I thought she was too beautiful, Especially her eyes. At the time, I thought she should wear our 25mm Long Eyelashes. When I sent her Mink Lashes catalogue to her for her choice, she chose several 25mm long Lashes, But later, She said 25mm is too long, She wants 13-16mm Natural Mink Lashes.

Speaking of Saudi Arabia, Everyone can think of Arab women wrapped in veil, Only revealing two eyes, Because they are recognized by the world as a mysterious family, They strictly believe in Islam,Rarely appear in public places, Even It really wants to appear, And it will cover itself from head to toe and be accompanied by a male relative. But now Arab women are affected by the openness of women’s thoughts. Women in many big cities are gradually abandoning veil and robes, Wearing fashion, And participating in social activities with men.

We have participated in the exhibition in Saudi Arabia . At that time, 3D 25mm Long Lashes were warmly welcomed by them. Below are photos of our participation in the show:

Although this customer chose 13-16mm 3D Natural Mink Eyelashes, She still asked about my 25mm long eyelashes. National Culture And Eyelashes connection is very close. Therefore, different people have different beliefs about religion, So the choice of eyelashes will be different. For customers who want to Do The Eyelash Business in the Saudi Arabia , We recommend choosing a part of 25mm Long Eyelashes and choosing a part of 13-16mm 3D Natural Lashes!


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