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Top 10 reasons why you should buy high-end eyelashes

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Studies have shown that with the development of the social economy, people’s demand for commodities is increasing after meeting basic shopping needs, and they are turning to buy high-end commodities. For example, in the cosmetics industry, L’Oréal Group’s sales have grown steadily year by year in the past decade. Among them, high-end brands such as Helena, Lancome, and Armani account for more than 75%. Lancome’s ADVANCED GENIFIQUE FACE SERUM (Lancome) premium GENIFIQUE FACE SERUM (essential oil facial essence) is loved by everyone, the average price is 65 US dollars, but there is a very amazing sales, an average of one bottle sold every 1.44 seconds. The same is true in other industries, where high-end products show strong competitiveness in the market. So everyone should buy high-end eyelashes.

Why are people willing to pay more to buy high-end eyelashes with the same useful products? The reason is that people do not buy things by accident. Even so-called impulse buying is still adding value to consumers. So everyone should buy high-end eyelashes.

1. Reduce risk by paying higher prices

Usually, high-end products will have a more mature production management system to ensure quality control, greatly reducing the probability of quality problems. But at the same time, the cost of maintaining the system will increase. High-priced products are not necessarily good products, but good products must be expensive. Most consumers want to buy quality products, and high-end products can reduce the risk of quality problems.

2. Extra functions reduce trouble

One of the most common reasons people buy high-end products is that it makes doing something faster, easier, cheaper, or less frustrating. High-end products usually have more functions and better after-sales service, giving you an extra surprise experience

3. Provide information

In a world where any question can be answered quickly via the Internet, it seems difficult to believe that consumers will desire more information. However, particularly professional or reliable information is still highly valued. When you buy high-end valuable products, please trust me, it will usually provide you with some reliable information that you did not expect

4. Provide entertainment

Value-added services provided by high-end products are usually more entertaining and attractive. For example, if you open a member of a video or music application at a higher price than a normal user, you can enjoy more kinds of music and videos.

5. Provide rewards or recognition through buy high-end eyelashes

High-end products will be regarded as rewards or recognition by consumers. A week of healthy eating or a week of hard work may pay off. Busy people can get comfort from this high-end product and will continue to be the target of their next purchase.

6. Display social image or status

High-end products tend to attract more people’s attention, optimize their image, and tell others that they are tasteful. For this reason, people also prefer high-end products when shopping.

7. People like what they know

High-end products usually have more marketing solutions, such as TV commercials and celebrity endorsements, which will leave a deep impression. According to a survey, 87% of consumers would buy products from brands that advocated their strong concerns.

8. Establish a relationship of ownership or affiliation

 In addition to products, high-end products often have tracking services. This method can build a more stable and loyal customer base. These customers are usually not willing to give up your brand, are willing to pay a high price, and may spontaneously recommend your brand.

In short, in today’s increasingly busy people, our demand for products is not just the products themselves, why not use high-end products? The high-end products obtained by paying higher upfront can solve many unnecessary problems, bring a more comfortable product experience, and enjoy life better. Believe me, in the future, more and more people will like this way, I believe you are one of them.

“I get my eyelashes done. I get my top lashes done, and then I use waterproof mascara for my bottom lashes. It’s an easy regimen.”

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