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Sleeping & Swimming? Let’s Talk About False Lashes

As wearing false eyelashes has become a fashion trend, more and more customers are beginning to wear false eyelashes. But many customers have asked me some questions. Let’s talk about False Lashes.

 Below I will answer the two most frequently asked questions. The first question is whether you can sleep with false eyelashes? Another question is whether you can swim with false eyelashes? Let’s talk about False Lashes.

Sleeping with false eyelashes does more harm than good

There is no absolute in everything. You can wear false eyelashes to sleep, but the disadvantages of wearing false eyelashes to sleep outweigh the advantages.

The only advantage of sleeping with false eyelashes is that it can keep you beautiful all the time, and it saves time to wear false eyelashes the next day.

Talk About False Lashes

But there are many disadvantages.

Affect the quality of sleep. The weight of false eyelashes plus the weight of eyelash glue will increase the fatigue of your eyes. When you fall asleep, the constant fatigue of your eyes will cause you to enter a false sleep state. Prolonged false sleep may cause the whole person to lose energy, lose energy, and even cause hair loss in severe cases.

Will shorten the life of false eyelashes. When you are sleeping, you will not keep a constant movement. You will keep turning over. In this process, you will continue to squeeze the eyelashes, continuously damage the eyelashes, and eventually shorten the life of your false eyelashes.

Therefore, the disadvantages of sleeping with eyelashes outweigh the advantages. It is not recommended to sleep with eyelashes.

Can swim with false eyelashes

The eyelashes produced by Proluxurylashes use a unique physical curling process and waterproof glue. When the eyelashes touch water, they can maintain the original curvature. So when you swim or after swimming, your eyelashes will not be deformed, and you can maintain your beauty. After swimming, just rinse it with clean water and pat dry. This will not reduce the life of the eyelashes.

Talk About False Lashes

It is not recommended to wear false eyelashes when you participate in swimming competitions, because wearing false eyelashes will cause resistance in the water and affect your swimming speed. Affect your performance in the competition.

The above is my answer to the most frequently asked questions by customers. If you have any questions or other questions. Please send your question to my email or leave a message at the bottom of my blog. I will answer these questions for you. Do you have other questions? Let’s talk about False lashes together.

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