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Slik lashes vs Mink lashes – Which is Better?

Mink lashes and silk lashes are two of the most common eyelashes in the industry. They vary in texture, appearance, and weight, as well as the effect of wearing them. Let us know Slik lashes vs Mink lashes

The difference between material and weight

First, mink lashes are made from hair that naturally falls off the tail of the mink. They are made using a semi-matte finish to mimic the appearance of natural lashes. silk eyelashes are made from a synthetic material called PBT.

In the second. Silk eyelashes are lighter and thinner overall. Mink lashes have more weight because they use real animal hair, which is made up of molecules such as water and oil. Silk eyelashes have a short taper shape, which means they are thicker and last longer. Mink lashes extend thinner than other types of eyelashes and are usually used for curling, so most eyelashes are tapered. Mink lashes are a very natural look, perfect for those who want to wear eyelashes that look natural. silk lashes are treated with a special semi-gloss, which gives them more sheen than mink lashes.

The effect of wearing is different

Because of the material, mink lashes are more natural and comfortable for users, and more suitable for those who like natural makeup. Silk eyelash, after passing half burnish processing, make whole eyelash itself more have burnish, also more dense have curvature, suit those who like to have apparent makeup look effect to wear. Well, some poor quality lashes are fine and straight after water and cause your lashes to lose the curve, but it’s not a problem for our mink lashes. Our silk lashes absorb pigment more easily than any other eyelashes. If you want the effect of real black eyelashes, choose our silk lashes. It has a more dramatic visual effect and instantly lifts your makeup up a notch.

Slik lashes vs Mink lashes

Slik lashes vs Mink lashes: The material, weight and wearing effect of mink lashes and silk lashes are different. You can better understand the different types of lashes, and reversible eyelashes will make you sell to your customers better

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