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How to test my eyelashes sample pack?

Many customers have encountered many problems when checking the goods after receiving eyelashes.but, how to test the eyelashes sample pack? I have summarized several experiences based on these problems, hoping to help you.

Test eyelashes sample pack: Detection of appearance

When you receive the express, first check whether the box is complete. After opening the express, check whether the number of boxes is correct, the color of the box and your customized logo are made correctly. Next, you check the type of goods, quantity of goods, type and quantity of accessories according to your order. Also check the quality of the accessories you order, such as your tweezers, the mirror in the box and so on. This is a way to test eyelashes sample pack.

test eyelashes sample pack
A man was using a knife to open a delivery

Test eyelashes sample pack: Test lashes details

After obtaining the lashes, carefully examine the details of the lashes. For example the sable eyelash that you buy, the hair tip that observes eyelash carefully above all, whether hair tip becomes natural awl model, if the ends are cut by machine , you can see apparent cut mouth, can be very unnatural. This is a way to test eyelashes sample pack.

 Second, check whether the application of eyelash glue is too much, if eyelash glue is applied too much, it is very likely that your eyelashes are stuck up rather than inserted up one by one, the retention time of the eyelashes that are stuck up is short, extremely easy to fall off.

Third, check the flexibility curvature and degree of eyelash, such as the palm of your hand after you received the eyelash slight kneading eyelash, observe whether eyelash is able to go back to the original curvature, too rigid, if eyelash totally back to less than the original curvature, then your eyelash is likely to be poor products, and a method is water wet eyelash, if your eyelashes touching the water will be slender and straight, then your eyelash can also be bad products.

Have you ever had any weird problems in the process of buying eyelashes? Leave a comment below my blog and let’s discuss it together.

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