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Design story behind strip eyelashes bulk-Jazz

25mm Eyelashes make you youthful and energetic

When the passion series was launched, in order to make it easier for designers to arrange their work, everyone agreed to hold a design seminar every Wednesday at 9 am to discuss the next theme of eyelashes. When discussing the strip eyelashes bulk theme at the design meeting last week, although the bullfighting dance won, the jazz dance is also a good design theme. Therefore, this week jazz dance has become the subject of eyelash design this week with over 85% of the votes. Designer Lily, who has been quite supportive of jazz dance, happily agreed. Jazz is a dance with rich content, and the eyelashes designed as the theme will not disappoint everyone.

And she also explained her contact with jazz and her understanding of jazz.

“I came into contact with jazz dance when I was in school. When the school held its anniversary, the jazz dance club performed their programs and aroused my interest. Then I joined them and started learning jazz together. The rhythm of jazz dance itself is relatively strong, full of dynamic, flexible, and interesting physical activity. The essence of the movement is a free and simple performance, which directly expresses the inner feelings. The dance movements and music are very rhythmic.

Regular practice can achieve the effect of body relaxation and exercise. To this day, when I have time, I still practice jazz dance to relax, which is also a good way to exercise. Jazz dance can express the enthusiasm of the performer, full of youthful vigor, and feel it with the mind and body, and turn the dance into an artistic expression. It is also a good way to vent and express one’s emotions. I hope that the eyelashes we designed can bring youth and vitality to people, and make the wearer look warm and generous, just like the feeling that jazz dance brings to everyone. “

Everyone designed the eyelashes according to the theme of jazz and determined the final design plan. We are also looking forward to seeing the actual strip eyelashes bulk on display. But I believe that eyelashes designed with such popular jazz as the theme will definitely have a strong appeal. The eyelashes of the Passion series are still being designed. I hope that the designers of the Oscar team can continue to inspire and create better and better eyelashes.

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