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Design story behind strip lashes in bulk-Calla

strip lashes in bulk wish you loyal and unique love

The designer sharing meeting is coming soon. Every designer of the Oscar team is working hard and summarizing, hoping that their design inspiration and ideas can be selected and become the key theme of the next new strip lashes in bulk in the Flora series.  After a long discussion and negotiation, the theme of the latest Flora series eyelashes is calla.

The most common meanings of the calla are purity, holiness, and loyalty. It is usually depicted in the image of the Virgin Mary. Calla lilies are also a symbol of resurrection and resurrection, closely related to the resurrection of Jesus, partly because they bloom around Easter, and partly because they are shaped like trumpets, symbolizing victory. Calla lilies come in many colors, the most common being white. The white calla lily is the bouquet of many European and American brides, and it represents loyal love. The strip lashes in bulk called calla lilies to have natural volume and natural length. They have many large angles, with shorter inner angles and longer outer angles. It can make your eyes look more passionate and sexy. We hope that the wearer of this eyelash can have loyal and unique love, and be a happy person in both life and work.

The wish of this eyelash to the wearer is really wonderful. I hope that the ONLYCANAS brand will always be with you on the road to beauty and happiness. Please also look forward to our more and more excellent new products. I firmly believe that you will not be disappointed.

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