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Design story behind strip vegan lashes bulk-Lily

You are pure like an angel with strip vegan lashes bulk

“Vickie, do you know what my favorite flower is? “One day, Mr. Oscar asked me that. “I really don’t know, what is your favorite flower,” I replied. “Lily, ” he said. I instantly understood that if there is no accident, this should be the theme of the latest strip vegan lashes bulk in the Flora series. But what I know is that other designers on the Oscar team already have candidates for the next theme and are already preparing.

Sure enough, in the design seminar a few days later, everyone had a lively discussion. Many designers strive for their own themes, and no one can persuade each other until Mr. Oscar expresses his views. Mr. Oscar shared his new design and design concept about Lily. “Lilies are very beautiful and very common in life. Its flower language is innocence, loyalty, sacred and elegance. In China, it also means good luck, but in the West, it means loyalty and solemnity.

Because of Hera and Zeus in Greek mythology, the lily is closely related to rebirth and motherhood. In China, lilies are used at weddings because they are closely related to 100 years of love. They are also closely related to good luck. The Assyrians and Babylonians associate lilies with Ishtar, the goddess of fertility. Christians associate lilies, especially Madonna lilies, with the Virgin Mary. In modern times, it means more purity and holiness.

The design of our eyelashes also implies purity and beauty. They have short hair on the outer corners, short hair on the inner corners, with the longest eyelashes in the middle, and there are many different sizes of crosses. They can make your eyes look pure and charming. These eyelashes called Lily to represent the purity and beauty of women, and I also hope that they can be loved by customers. ” Mr. Oscar’s words touched all the designers, and there was enthusiastic applause. Everyone agreed with Lily as the theme of this design, which deserves to be Mr. Oscar.

I firmly believe that a product designed with such care must be very attractive. And the eyelashes of our Flora series will be loved by more customers like the legendary series. On the road to becoming beautiful, ONLYCANAS invites you to walk with us all the way.

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