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Why Thanksgiving is a business opportunity for eyelash businesses

The fourth Thursday of November is designated as Thanksgiving Day. It is for everyone to thank God for the good harvest. Thanksgiving Day generally lasts from Thursday to Sunday. This is a very important holiday of the year for the United States and Canada. People will celebrate the arrival of Thanksgiving in these four days. Everyone will put aside their work to celebrate and play. Thanksgiving shopping season is coming soon. Best Thanksgiving lashes style is the secret of your victory.

best Thanksgiving lashes style
best Thanksgiving lashes style

Reasons for Thanksgiving Customs

When Thanksgiving Day comes, the whole country will be bustling with excitement. People go to churches to pray for thanksgiving according to the custom, and fancy dress balls, theater performances and sports competitions are also held everywhere in cities and towns. The children will also imitate the Indians of the year, put on weird costumes, draw faces and sing or play trumpets in the street.

This is a huge business opportunity for eyelash businesses. Whether it’s a fancy dress party or acting as an Indian. All need some fancy makeup. Because Indians are genetically different from Americans, Indians have much longer eyelashes than Americans. Therefore, if children act as Indians, they will definitely wear long eyelashes. Therefore, 25mm eyelashes and 28mm eyelashes are the most suitable eyelashes, and these two lengths of eyelashes must be prepared before Thanksgiving. Best Thanksgiving lashes style Is the secret of your victory.

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Thanksgiving shopping season

It seems that Thanksgiving shopping has become a custom for Americans. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, the total sales of the US retail industry can account for one-third of the entire year. It is also a peak season for discounts and promotions for various businesses, crazy The shopping month starts on the Friday following Thanksgiving, which is also known as Black Friday. This month is also the time when consumers are hoarding goods for the next year.

So what the eyelash merchants have to do is to make their business stronger and bigger in this shopping month. To make some detailed plans. Some eyelash products are discounted, eyelashes are sold in combination with eyelash boxes, eyelash glue, etc. But the most important thing is to prepare all types of eyelashes. There must be no shortage of goods.

Be sure to seize the business opportunities this month. The sales in this month may be more than the sales in the previous 10 months. Proluxurylashes can provide you with the most complete range of eyelash products, which can be produced and shipped the fastest. Let you have a strong backing. If you want to know more about the business opportunities of Thanksgiving, please contact me.