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The Development Of Our Lashes

Proluxurylashes 3d Mink False Eyelashes, Elegant in shape; Realistic and natural; Eyeliner is soft and durable; Fashionable and Comfortable. Development Of Our Lashes on the move.

Our designers are constantly researching aesthetics, And the design concept is bold, And every new product can be exploded!

Development Of Our Lashes
They are our factory workers.
They are Making Lashes.

As An Eyelash Company with its own factory, We have thousands of style eyelashes and have been Doing Lashes Business for more than ten years. How do we keep our eyelashes occupying the Eyelash Market US?

In 2012, the false eyelashes were proposed to make the consumers around the world refreshed. They began to fully understand the Beauty Of Eyelashes. This period is the germination period of the Mink Lashes 3d.
Consumers began to understand the Mink Lashes

The 3D Mink Eyelashes were lunched in 2013, Because of the layered sense, once again let the consumers around the world redefine the beauty of false eyelashes, changing the drawbacks of the original false eyelashes only one curvature , Exaggerated, Realistic Natural, 3d mink lashes have been popular all over the world!

In October 2018, Our designers once again boldly innovated, Increasing the length of 3D Mink Lashes from the original 13-16mm to 20-25mm. The 25mm Long Lashes were launched all over the world and have been sold well so far. The 20-25mm Mink Lashes once again set off a world consumption boom.

Development Of Our Lashes
This is our 25mm Lashes(DH012)

Consumers around the world have redefine eyelashes because of our designers’ bold innovations. Our partners also enjoy the unlimited business opportunities brought by each innovation!

At the same time, some of other lashes company began to imitate our styles, But because there is no technology, Imitation products can only be imitated, But never imitate the essence of beauty, Product quality is not well controlled, Now the price of the eyelashes market is transparent. We don’t have to quote high prices. The high price must have a High Quality Lashes! Development Of Our Lashes on the move.

Choose PROLUXURYLASHES, Our Lashes Will Give You Surprise!

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