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Why are my eyelashes unwelcome

With the development of the economy, more and more people are starting their own businesses, and the low-cost eyelash business has become their first choice. But many businesses have such doubts, why other people’s eyelash business carried out very well, but my eyelashes can not sell it? The following is my opinion on this issue, which I hope can help you. Why I don’t have eyelashes business counseling.

eyelashes business counseling

eyelashes business counseling: The product level is poor 

The product level refers to the quality of the product, the fashion of the product, the variety of the product and so on. The poor quality of the product makes your customers stop buying after one purchase, leaving you with no customers to make a second purchase. The fashion of the products is low, your products do not conform to the mainstream public aesthetic, become the elimination of The Times. There are only a few kinds of products. Your eyelashes have only one type or two types. When selling products, they cannot meet the needs of consumers and lose a large number of customers.

eyelashes business counseling: The packing is not attractive 

There are a lot of users thinking there is nothing wrong with the quality of my product, but why doesn’t anyone buy my product? The answer is that you haven’t upgraded your product. If a luxury item is not exquisitely packaged, is not sold in a high-end store, but is sold on the roadside, and the price of the luxury item is very high, would you buy it? The answer is no. The same is true of eyelashes, you need to have a nice package to decorate them, and you need to sell them in high-end shopping malls, so that the high consumer group will not consider buying them. They care about the product itself, but they care more about the added value of the product, the style of the product.

eyelashes business counseling: No branding 

Many customers who just started eyelash business did not think of creating a brand of their own. Without a brand is like a person without a name, there is no way to better promote themselves and let more people know about themselves. The same goes for eyelashes. You need a brand to promote your product through online websites and offline physical stores. People have the nature of following the crowd. If a small group of people say your product is good, more and more people will buy your product. This is the brand effect.

Above is my view, also be the place that Proluxurylashes pays attention to. Choose us will make your products become extremely popular, to provide you with systematic solutions.

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