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There Are Many Companies Of Lashes, Why Did I Choose Proluxury Lashes ?

With the increasing demand for 3d Mink Lashes, There are more and more Eyelash Companies in this era, so why did I choose Proluxury Lashes? There are several reasons for this:

1.100% Handmade Lashes

Because the Lashes of Cannes Lashes are handmade, In pursuit of perfection, Each eyelash is carefully selected by a patient worker with a pointed tip.
Each eyelash is placed by a skilled craftsman. Pursuing the right and left symmetry, the pursuit of high quality Eyelashes.
Handmade Lashes are soulful and give people great appeal.

Choose Proluxury Lashes
100% Handmade Lashes

2. Lash Band

About the Eyelash Band, the eyelash band is thin and clean, the Glue is developed exclusively:, And obtain the national patent protection.
Our eyelash eyeliner is soft and durable. Mink Lashes can be used for 20-25 times.

Choose Proluxury Lashes
This is our model with lashes.
I think very beautiful, And you?

3. Lash Design

The company has its own design team, Constantly designing New Lash Styles.
And what are the advantages of constantly designing Mink Lash styles, please click here to see my blog.

4. Delivery Time

In this age, Time is money.
We have our own factory, Stock, And guarantee the fastest delivery time to help you occupy the Lash Market.

5. Mass Production Quality

Workers have many years of experience, We guarantee to do our utmost to ensure the consistency of samples and mass production.

But some companies with very low prices, In order to obtain orders, The quality of large goods and samples are not the same.

6. Lashes Packaging

With our own design team, As long as you have your own ideas.
The designer will make a rendering of the results after the order is confirmed.

Choose Proluxury Lashes
This is a kind of our packaging boxes.

Our business personnel are patient, Considerate, Always think of you, Urgent you urgent, Is your strong and reliable backing!
So I choose Proluxury Lashes!

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