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Those 1 Dollar or $2 Dollar eyelashes

One customer asked me about Lashes 3D US and said she had just Purchased Eyelashes from another company, And was looking for the next eyelash supplier. I asked by the way how much dollars she spent on Eyelashes. She told me that she only bought 4 pairs of 3D Mink Lashes, including a total of $30. Are these cheap lashes really good?

cheap lashes just cheap

I thought, If remove the shipping cost, A Pair Of Lashes is less than two dollars. I asked her the picture of the eyelashes. When I look at the photos, I know that this company imitated our eyelashes. This is our original eyelashes, But our eyelashes won’t sell for 1 or 2 dollars. We are pursuing Mink Lashes Quality, 100% Handmade Eyelashes, we are pursuing original design, Handmade soul, And the customers with lashes feeling.

Of course, I didn’t tell the customer directly that the Lashes she bought were not good. I just told her that after her received the eyelashes, She can try how many times can she use A Pair Of Eyelashes? Is it comfortable to wear? Because I believe that good and bad she can feel it.

For eyelashes which is $1 or $2, I just want to say that maybe you are satisfied with The Eyelash Samples, But some companies will provide different eyelashes for the sample and the big order in order to get the order. Since you are also comparing the eyelashes of different companies, You must pay attention to The Quality Of Eyelashes, So why not buy high quality eyelashes? Are you only comparing prices ? You have to know that you are unique, You deserve all the good things in this world, You deserve The Best Quality Lashes!

Time will tell everything, and the good and bad things will unfold as time goes by.

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