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Pay attention! 3 tips make lashes business successful

More and more people are entering the eyelash industry, for whom every step is a first. So what should you pay attention to when buying eyelashes for the first time. Make sure your ordering process goes smoothly. I will give you three tips to make the lashes business successful that I hope will help you.

tips make lashes business successful

Determine the type and amount of eyelashes you want to buy 

When buying eyelashes for the first time. First of all, do not buy according to your own preferences. Be sure to buy the best-selling eyelashes in the market. You can listen to the supplier’s advice, because the supplier can accurately judge what kind of best-selling through a large number of exports and the integration of market data. Commodities meet market demand. This way you will not cause a backlog of goods.

Confirm all the details of the goods. Such as the type of eyelashes ordered and the corresponding quantity, as well as the type of boxes ordered and the box logo location, color, size and other details.

Finally fill in the order according to the requirements of the supplier, but also consider the time difference, it is better to fill in the order within the same time difference. Ensure the order is correct.

Agreed on the cost of eyelashes 

Be sure to clarify the cost of eyelashes with the supplier before placing an order

After selecting the eyelashes, ask the supplier for the unit price of the eyelashes, and finally determine a clear total price. Clear payment method. Try to use a more stable payment method. And determine the additional handling fees between different payment methods. Make your payment safe and reliable.

Clarify freight issues. Provide the supplier with an accurate address so that the supplier can judge whether your address belongs to a remote area. If it is a remote area, there will be an additional remote fee. Determine the transportation costs of different transportation companies.

The total price of eyelashes plus shipping and possible remoteness fees will be the final price you need to pay.

Clarify matters relating to transport 

Clarify all matters concerning transportation with the supplier.

Provide the supplier with a sufficient time for stocking, ask the supplier how long it will be able to ship the goods after payment, and constantly pay attention to the transportation and logistics of the product. In this way, you can calculate the arrival time of your products to facilitate your sales.

Provide the supplier with an accurate address, so that the supplier can choose a suitable transportation company, so that your goods can be delivered accurately, and avoid the transportation company being unable to deliver due to the problem of unclear address.

Proluxurylashes’s website adopts diversified payment methods, provides a variety of transportation methods, and protects your orders in a responsible attitude to customers. These three tips make the lashes business successful!

What problems did you encounter when placing an order for the first time? Let’s talk about it together.

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