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Ways to give back to customers on Thanksgiving

It seems that Thanksgiving shopping has become a custom for Americans. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, the total sales of the US retail industry can account for one-third of the whole year. It is also the peak season for discounts and promotions for various businesses, crazy The shopping month starts on the Friday following Thanksgiving, which is also known as Black Friday. This month is also the time when consumers are hoarding goods for the next year. So how can you improve your eyelash business within this month? What are the ways to give back to customers? What are the Thanksgiving best-selling eyelashes set?

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Thanksgiving best-selling eyelashes set

Eyelash merchants can combine different types of eyelashes, eyelash boxes, eyelash tweezers and eyelash glue into a set. And make a certain range of discounts for sales. such as: Our new hybrid eyelash set is free of postage. This Thanksgiving best-selling eyelashes set includes 3D09A,DQ06,DM03,DH004,3D22C,DQ08,DM05,DH006,DW06 and DW04 eyelashes, there are 10 pairs in total, and the price is only $99.

Thanksgiving best-selling eyelashes set
Thanksgiving best-selling eyelashes set

The purpose of selling these sets is to better publicize your own eyelash brand, continuously expand your influence, and lay a solid foundation for future sales.

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Launch limited edition products

Some limited-edition products related to the holiday can be launched in the sales month after Thanksgiving, such as eyelash boxes related to Thanksgiving and Christmas. And some of the latest eyelashes and so on. Make your products full of holiday flavor. Popular will always buy some holiday-related products during the holidays.

Write blessings

Nowadays, electronic technology products have become indispensable things in life. Eyelash merchants can write a blessing on a small note in each eyelash suit, so that customers can deeply feel your heart. This is also a method of promotion, and this method is the most able to build trust with customers.

Giving back to customers on Thanksgiving Day will make your eyelash business bigger and bigger, and let more people know your brand. Want to know more about ways to give back to customers on Thanksgiving? Contact PeoluxuryLashes as soon as possible.