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Is the weight of the eyelashes important?

close-up photo of person‘s eye with beautiful lashes. The weight of eyelashes is comfortable.

If you are a newbie in the eyelash business or a layman in the eyelash industry, you might find this question a bit boring. The eyelashes are very light. This is the inherent impression that many people have about the weight of eyelashes. They are very light, how light are they? Is there any reference?

1. Eyelash weight standard

In fact, the weight of eyelashes is very important. Different types of eyelashes have different weights due to their length and thickness. But for the same type of eyelashes, skilled eyelash workers will use a fixed and precise method when weaving the eyelashes to ensure that the final weight of the eyelashes is within 0.001-0.005 grams. We have completed accurate measurements. The weight of most eyelash models is about 0.05-0.1 grams, and the weight close to feathers is even lighter than feathers.

A pair of eyelahses and the weight of eyelashes is appropriate

2.The important reason for the weight of eyelashes

The weight of eyelashes is affected by many factors. The most important reason is the raw materials and weaving process. If the models are made with double or extra long eyelashes, they will of course be heavier. Our eyelashes have been carefully researched and developed by the designer during the design process, striving to make the weight lightest without deforming the eyelashes, and to provide the wearer with the most comfortable experience. The selection criteria of raw materials are very strict. In addition to the first time, eyelash workers also make eyelashes strictly in accordance with the regulations to ensure that each pair of eyelashes is of good quality.

A pair of Expensive 3D Mink Lashes and the weight of eyelashes is appropriate

Do not have too heavy eyelashes. Excessive eyelashes will reduce the comfort of the wearer. But at the same time eyelashes should not be too light. To some extent, the beauty of eyelashes requires a certain degree of curling. Too light eyelashes usually indicate that the material is too soft, which makes them easily deformed without natural bending. The wearing effect of this kind of eyelashes is very poor and cannot achieve the expected effect.

A pair of eyelahses and the weight of eyelashes is appropriate

Therefore, the weight of eyelashes is very important, which is related to whether your products are high-end, high-quality and good wearing effect. This is also one of the conditions for you to find an eyelash supplier to cooperate. If you have other questions, please discuss with me on my homepage.

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