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What are the popular synthetic silk eyelashes?

If you are a person who is not good at makeup but wants to have your own eyelash business, then some knowledge related to eyelashes will make you feel headache and difficult. Don’t worry, my article should solve most of your problems. Today’s article mainly introduces popular synthetic silk eyelashes. So, what are popular synthetic silk eyelashes?

A woman in a black and red jacket, she has beautiful silk eyelashes.

1.Raw materials and manufacturing process

Silk eyelashes are made of chemical fiber. Chemical fiber is a fiber with textile properties that are made by using polymer compounds as raw materials and undergoing various treatment processes. Their length, thickness, whiteness, gloss ,and other properties can be adjusted during the production process. And each has the advantages of light resistance and wear resistance. Products can be continuous filaments, short fibers cut to a certain length, or uncut tows Trained eyelash workers knit these threads into different shapes and have short and long eyelashes in a specific way. Then use machine cutting to make them have natural hair peaks.

A pair of popular synthetic silk eyelashes

2.Use effect and advantages and disadvantages

 Because the material of silk eyelashes is easier to obtain, the price of silk eyelashes is relatively cheaper. Their hair is harder, can maintain good curl and shape, is not easy to be deformed and damaged, and is suitable for occasions that need to be beautiful for a long time. At the same time, they are also heavier and put greater pressure on the wearer’s eyes. And if the eyelash making technique is not good enough, it may cause their hair peaks to look unnatural and the makeup effect is stiff .

A pair of popular synthetic silk eyelashes

3.The upgraded version of silk eyelashes-wand lashes

Our new product is an upgraded version of silk eyelashes, magic wand eyelashes. They are also woven with fibers, but they use bamboo protein fibers to make the effect of the eyelashes closer to the eyelashes made of animal hair, giving off the luster of animal fur, and the wearing effect is more natural. Once they were launched, they were welcomed by consumers. A variety of sales data shows that this magic wand eyelashes have strong market competitiveness and have great potential to become a star product.

A pair of popular synthetic silk eyelashes

I hope my article will enable you to further understand eyelashes and be helpful to your eyelash business. If you have any questions, please leave a message on my homepage to discuss it with me.

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