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What are the 7 functions of creative lashes packaging?

Creative lashes packaging may seem like it has a simple job, but it actually has SEVEN main functions!

A row of pink square eyelash packing boxes(creative lashes packaging)

1. Attract Buyers Attention

Attracting the attention of those who buy a specific product is important because it gives customer satisfaction before even opening the package. When opening the package the customer should have the general idea and assumption granted that he or she will be receiving what he or she ordered, in the value that he or she ordered it. Promoting or selling your product on your packaging is vital, and the first packaging function.

2. Protect goods inside the packaging

A primary reason for packaging is the need for protection of the product. This could include anything from the cushion, bubble wrap, insulation, extra plastic, and more. A protective seal of some sort could also be included. This is for the security of the company and the customer as well.

An example to help you remember is the ProluxuryLashes packing box.

Each box is made of paper or hard plastic with a plastic cover and is sealed to ensure it is brand new.

The customer can be sure that he or she has not received unreliable or unopened products because the seal on the box is not damaged.

This allows companies to build trust.

3. Be easy to open and use

Based on personal experience as a customer I could ensure that one of the best things about opening a package containing a needed or wanted product is the satisfaction of the easy access to my product. Take for example a memory of when you were a child opening gifts on Christmas day. The satisfaction of being able to rip open the packaging without difficulties was great, and when you happened to have trouble, or there was complicated packaging it was terrible.

4. Describe and give info about contents

 Another thing to keep in mind is informing the consumer about the product purchased. This could be anything from naming contents in a box to describing the basic functions. Explain the benefits of the good inside. Give value, price, and use indication. For example, the price of eyelashes, the material or how to use them, etc.

 The truth is, the easier you make it for a consumer, the higher the satisfaction, and eventually, the better business goes.

5. Motivate customer interaction

The fifth function of packaging is to trigger engagement with your customers. When someone sees something appealing, they’re more likely to buy it. You want consumers to see your packaging and be attracted to it, just like when you see a cute puppy! The amount of times that people share photos of fancy packaging on social media is amazing – plus, it’s free promotion.

6. Easy to transport and trade

Ease of transport is also important, as your product and its packaging must be easy to deliver. Your product must be able to stay intact throughout transportation, and it must be a shape can be sent in bulk, e.g. able to stack and fits to postal standards.

7. Provide warranty, warnings, and consumer matter information

 Explaining warranties and warnings are important in a legal manner to keep customers happy. If you keep your customers happy, or if they happen to be unhappy about something that wasn’t outlined inside the package, your company could be sued. The warranty and warning provided by the packaging box can effectively avoid this unnecessary trouble.

If you fancy using all of these functions to make some amazing creative lashes packaging, get in touch with us and let’s get started!

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