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What are the false eyelash tools?

Many customers do not know the false eyelash tools very well, in a confused state. Wearing false eyelashes is naturally inseparable from eyelash tools, without them, can not show the charm of eyelashes. Today, I’ll talk to you about some eyelash tools.


Tweezers are used to clip false eyelashes, so that we can wear. Proluxurylashes can provide you with tweezers in all colors. If you want to print logo or patterns on top, I can also help you finish it.

false eyelash tools--Tweezers

Eyeliner Glue

I think this pen is very beautiful and useful. It can be used as glue as well as eyeliner. This is a great choice for some people who don’t want to draw eyeliner because of laziness. The color and material of eyeliner pencil are different. Proluxurylashes currently has eyeliner pens as shown in the picture below. The appearance of red and black is silk. Proluxurylashes can give you a variety of choices.

false eyelash tools--Eyeliner Glue


There are currently three types of glue: white, transparent and black. White glue is a great choice for some novices. Novice does not know when to wear eyelashes after applying glue, and this white glue can change color. When white becomes transparent, it can be worn. Black glue is suitable for lazy people, can replace eyeliner, but the price is more expensive.

false eyelash tools--glue

Proluxurylashes can give you everything about eyelashes, and can also customize your own unique things for you. Come contact me.If you have any questions about eyelashes, you can consult me. Proluxurylashes is always helpful.

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