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What Materials of False Eyelashes are the Best?

A woman with false eyelashes.

As a newbie in the false eyelash business, in order to better understand the industry and further develop his career. You may need to know something you didn’t know before, for example, What materials of false eyelashes are the best? There are two main types of false eyelashes, animal hair, and artificial hair.

1. Animal hair which are materials of False Eyelashes

The hair most commonly used to make false eyelashes comes from mink and horses. Mink eyelashes come from cultivated Siberian mink. Eyelash manufacturers need to carefully select mink tail hairs with a natural length between 32 to 35 mm, and ensure that each hair has a spike-like shape to make complete mink eyelashes. The composition and structure of mink hair are similar to human hair, so mink eyelashes can emit natural luster, making it better integrate with original eyelashes, and the wearing effect is more natural.

A pair of eyelashes which materials of False Eyelashes are animal hairs

Another option is ordinary eyelashes made from horse hair. They are thinner and softer than mink eyelashes and feel lighter for the wearer. But they are not conducive to styling during makeup. At the same time, because of their softness, they are not as durable as mink eyelashes and are more easily damaged.

A pair of eyelashes which materials of False Eyelashes are animal hairs

2. Synthetic hair which are materials of False Eyelashes

Synthetic eyelashes are currently the most common eyelashes, especially the favorite choice of animal protectionists. They are usually made by trained eyelash workers using chemical fibers, and then the front end of the machine is sharpened to make them look hairy. Therefore, they are not as natural as eyelashes made of animal hair. But they are cheaper than animal hair, lighter and have a beautiful luster. Many people are still loyal supporters of artificial eyelashes.

A pair of eyelashes which materials of False Eyelashes are Synthetic hairs

After clearing the relevant information about eyelash materials, I believe you have a better understanding of the development of eyelash business. If you have other questions, please leave a message on my homepage and learn more about the eyelash business with me.

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