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Why the customer suddenly disappeared while communicating with you?

Do you have such doubts when discussing business with customers. The customer suddenly disappeared during the business talk, and then never contacted you again. Many people who just started the eyelash business have this kind of confusion. After several days of research, I have concluded several points of Questions about eyelash Merchant.

Price is too low or too high

The quality of eyelashes on the market is different, the price of eyelashes is also different. The target groups are also different. If your supplier specializes in low-quality eyelashes, the price you sell will definitely be very low. When a customer wants to buy a high-end eyelash product, the moment you say the price, the customer will not reply to you, because your low price does not match the price that high-end eyelashes should have. Judging from the price, your eyelash products simply do not meet his requirements. On the contrary, the price is too high, this situation will also occur. Customers who want to buy low-priced eyelashes will also leave after knowing your high price.

Questions about eyelash Merchant

For the above two general situations, the most fundamental reason is that the audience of eyelash products is different. You are selling high-end eyelashes, so your customers must be niche consumers in the market. If you sell low-priced eyelash products, your customers will certainly not be a high-spending group. So there is a high probability that the customer disappears suddenly because he is not the person you are facing.

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Did not gain the trust of customers

Some novice eyelash businesses continue to promote products to customers from the beginning. Let’s think about it in another way. If you are a customer, would you quickly buy something from someone you haven’t met? Besides, I don’t know whether the quality of the product is good or bad. The more you continue to promote, the more customers will feel that your product is unsalable.

What you should do is to think from the customer’s point of view, and gradually establish a trusting relationship with the customer, you can promote the product, but don’t keep pushing. Because no matter who it is, it will be impatiently treated like this.

Problem with the quality of the eyelashes

After the customer purchases a pair of samples from you, they feel that your product is of poor quality and does not meet his requirements, so he will not contact you again.

So if you want to change this situation, the best way is to find a good supplier to make the quality of your products outstanding. This way, the price you sell will not only increase, but it will also accumulate many loyal fans.

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There are many reasons for the sudden disappearance of customers, and there are many Questions about eyelash Merchant. If you want to avoid this situation as much as possible, then please contact me, I will give you a detailed and feasible solution.