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Why did i choose this company?

As a graduate student, i am faced with the choice of work. Thus, there are many company, why did i choose this lashes company? Let me tell you the reasons.

When I first came to this company for an interview, the first person i saw was a foreigner. She smiled and said “hi” to me. I said “hello” to her. There was a computer in front of her, probably she were working. At that moment, this company left a very good impression on me, because i think this company is serious in eyelash industry.  This company’s environment and design is well and give me an appeal.

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During the interview, i learned that the foreigner is a model of the company. The company in order to let customers better see the lashes. And the effect of foreigner wearing eyelashes. So the company hired foreign students as models. Not only company’s employees are amazed at they after lashes but also the foreigner are amazed themselves. Because it is really not different. Later, i also look some photos,which foreigners with or without lashes, i want to say, she without lashes is beautiful, but with lashes is more beautiful. It give people a completely different feeling. At that moment, i feel this company is good, it can think for customer.


 This company has its own factory. As we all know, foreign trade companies have their own factories are more competitive for other companies. As i know, this company mainly produces high-quality eyelashes, lash box and so on. We may choose cheap things when we buy things, but we prefer to buy high quality products. Because of “The love for beauty is common to all men.” High quality eyelashes will make people more beautiful.

The most important reason is that this company gives me a kind feeling, most of the employees are as big as me. Probably also a kind of fate.  As a word, lashes, which can make you beautiful, can also make me interested in it, So i choose this company.

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