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Why do we design Cruelty-free wand eyelashes?

As a newbie in the eyelash business, if you ask me which one I suggest you buy from an eyelash supplier, I will tell you without hesitation that Cruelty-free wand eyelashes are a good candidate for you. Our silk eyelashes are selling well in the market and have achieved great success. At the same time, why should we launch a magic wand eyelashes? This may confuse you, don’t worry, I will answer you in detail next.

1. What are cruelty-free wand eyelashes

The Cruelty-free wand eyelashes are an upgraded version of silk eyelashes. They are made of fiber like silk eyelashes. The raw material of silk eyelashes is chemical fiber, but wand eyelashes use higher-grade fiber-containing bamboo protein. Wand eyelashes have all the advantages of silk eyelashes. They are cruelty-free non-animal products, not easily deformed, not easily damaged,  and suitable for repeated use.

A pair of Cruelty-free wand eyelashes
A pair of Cruelty-free wand eyelashes

2. Wearing effect of cruelty-free wand eyelashes is better

The designers of our brand are not satisfied with the success of silk eyelashes. They devote themselves to research and development and design the magic wand eyelashes. The wearing effect of magic wand eyelashes is better than silk eyelashes. Their luster is closer to that of eyelashes made of animal hair. They are similar in color to human hair and have a more natural curling degree, which can better integrate with human eyelashes, and achieve a more three-dimensional wearing effect.

A pair of Cruelty-free wand eyelashes

3. Cruelty-free wand eyelashes have good development prospects.

The popularity of silk eyelashes means that magic wand eyelashes will certainly be favored by customers. Because magic wand eyelashes not only contain all the advantages of silk eyelashes but also have a more advanced effect than magic wand eyelashes, providing a better choice for those animal protectionists. Magic wand eyelashes are hopeful to become a star product, and the brand launch of magic wand eyelashes is a win-win choice. For brands, launching high-quality products can enhance brand value and prosperity; for customers, they can enjoy better eyelashes. So why not do this?

A pair of Cruelty-free wand eyelashes

Today, people are increasingly pursuing high-quality life, high-end quality products will certainly become more and more popular choices. Therefore, launching a magic wand eyelashes is very beneficial to the brand and customers, and it is a win-win choice.

"The only thing I know about being Asian is that my hair is black and my eyelashes are straight and I have strange eyebrows."

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