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Why is luxury false eyelashes expensive?

When you see the word “luxury “, you will feel that the price must be very expensive. Yes, luxury false eyelashes must be more expensive than ordinary false eyelashes, but expensive reason. Recently contact with many customers who always say “your price is too expensive “. So, today I specially write an article to explain the price of luxury false eyelashes.

Production costs are very high

The mink hair used in our eyelashes is naturally shed on animals. These mink hair are very good quality. We won’t force the mink off. We only use one mink hair for each eyelash, because our eyelashes have hair peaks. There is only one hair peak on each mink hair. In this process, can not help but waste some mink hair without Mao Feng. So the cost of material is very high.

Labour costs

Our eyelashes are all made by hand. Workers are after half a year of professional training, after strict assessment to make eyelashes. All the processes, we are done manually. This ensures that the quality of eyelashes is very high, and gives the eyelash soul, which infuses the painstaking efforts of every worker. This cost us a lot of manpower, just to make high quality eyelashes.

the  price of luxury false eyelashes---process

Design lashes

Most manufacturers hire part-time designers, but only high-end eyelash manufacturers hire full-time designers. Our designers have to go through a lot of experiments and market observation, and then make eyelashes. We pursue the original place, each series of eyelashes are specially designed. Designers take the time to study the changes in the market and what kind of eyelashes to design. Having a special designer is very expensive.

So, I hope our customers can understand that our lashes are very good lashes. Must bring you very good profit. If you have any questions about the price of luxury false eyelashes, please feel free to ask me.

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